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Who are the Seven Sisters of the Pleiades, the Seven Goddesses, the Seven Hathors? It is believed by many ancient civilizations that they held an energy frequency to higher consciousness and creation. It is also believed we hold this energy within, we are the keepers, and we can make the shift using the frequency of sound.


Andromeda 7

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Laurie Cross

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Co-creator and Producer

I am a Light worker, Intuitive, Healer, Medium and Channeler,  continuing my spiritual growth and awareness also understanding that I am the master of my now. I am fully aware of my thoughts and feelings. I know that I am a powerful creator and that my heart is full of love. I love honor and cherish myself and others for the lessons and teachings I receive. So much love to all who watch and will receive.❤

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A group of spiritual beings having human experiences for self-expansion and evolution of higher mind consciousness. We offer Unconditional Love and support to others on their spiritual journeys by sharing our stories and knowledge. Together, our energy essence is a Gateway for making connections with beings who, like us, have a strong desire to be of value to others, to contribute to their communities, and to partner with nature while improving our world in positive ways. Our worldwide guests and panelists have many gifts and talents on a variety of topics, including spiritual practices, ancient knowledge, and holistic health & healing. They are equally committed to bringing our viewers thoughtful content that supports our purpose and joy of discovery.  Check out our videos and playlists to get a better understanding of our content. Subscribe and set your notifications. Welcome to our channel and we hope you enjoy the journey!

We Are Light, We Are Love, We Are Truth!

At Andromeda 7 Celestial Gateway! Everyone has a voice there. Perhaps someone's story or experience can be an inspiration to you. Go to our YouTube channel, hit subscribe, and turn the bell reminder on.

Friday nights at

6 pm PST, 8 pm CST, 9 pm EST.

See you there.


Theresa D'Anton

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Co-creator and Program Manager

I am a conscious creative Light Worker, Intuitive Empath, Healer and Psychic expanding my spiritual growth and development. My purpose is to be the best version of myself, to love myself unconditionally, and to help others recognize their value and unique gifts. I have a talent for Identifying people in our spiritual community that have mutual interests and synchronicity with oneanother for potential collaboration and support. I just love and enjoy helping them to connect, encouraging them to share their stories, experiences, and spiritual perspectives. Loving gestures mean the world and with loving hearts we have the powers of kindness, healing and acceptance. A loving hand takes fear away, and when we're loving, when we're true, we teach our hearts new ways to expand.

Meet More Of The Team

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Energy Healing & Protection 
Grandpa Brian Richards

It is our pleasure to present Brian Richards to our viewing audience. He loves helping and healing people. Soul Tribe members have contacted him about getting rid of negative entities and energy. Brian is formally trained in spiritual protection methodology and remote healing energy work.    He is Reiki certified and his working on his Reiki Master. Visit Brian's group at All My Relations.
All My Relations is a 12,500 sq.ft. metaphysical super store, gift shop and the largest rock shop in the midwest. They are located on the west side of Indianapolis. All My Relations offers SERVICES such as Whole Life Integration (Body, Mind, Spirit), Reiki, Healing Touch and Psychic Readings.

Andromeda 7 Contributor & Panel


Looking for Incense? 
We Have It..

We Carry a Wide Variety Of Candles

Herbal Supplements
for Your Good Health


We Have a Large Selection of Crystals


Stone Jewelry


Sharing Knowledge with 
Grandpa Brian Richards


Wilderness Getaway

in Joy ALL ways  Thank U 4 your Gifts and Talents

As our Aboriginal elders here in Australia would say "everyone here is welcome!"  I'd like to thank everyone for giving your gifts and talents, and yes, it's about joy in all ways. We are those fractals of spirit coming together as one. My gift is in undoing the word spell.

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Rose 2 Take U

Julie-Ann Payne

Andromeda 7 Contributor & Panel

Check out  my channel...

As our Aboriginal elders here in Australia would say "everyone here is welcome!" I'd like to thank everyone for giving your gifts and talents, and yes, it's about joy in all ways. We are those fractals of spirit coming together as one. My gift is in undoing the word spell. When you use your EYE Magi Nation, because you are the eye and the magi born, you create your reality. I've been on quite the journey throughout the years, gradually awakening and changing my views on things while running a business and building a new house. I used to be a relatively conservative and closed person. When people see me now they see a completely different being. I know I've changed and even my daughter has noticed the difference! I'm much more happy now. I know I changed my energy because people now approach me in a more friendly way instead of backing away. Even dogs come up to me now without growling. I see things and observe from many angels. This has a lot to do with the fact that most of my poetry comes from the elders and the land I'm on, enabling me to uncast the word spell. It's what I do! I came to realize we all are just characters playing our roles. I thank everyone in this community, especially Wayne and Brian for aspiring me to create my own Youtube chanel to share what I know with others. Helping to put Andromeda 7 Portal together has been a heck of a ride for sure, and I expect a continued wonderful journey moving forward. Thank you all so much!

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Andromeda 7
Producer and Technical Services


Laurie Cross is the Producer and Co-host for Andromeda 7 Celestial Gateway. She also maintains her own chanel PureLove Ascension. Laurie is a an intuitive empath, emotional healer, tarrot card reader and clairvoyant chaneller. Laurie is learning and growing her spiritual self-awareness and expanding her now through contacts in the angelic realm. She channels Erik Medhus and shares her knowledge with others. Most importantly she is "The frequency she wishes to receive."



8 Doors of Self Realization with Laurie Cross
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Queen of Quartz

Karen Kaspardlov: Prospector, Hard Rock Miner & Explorer

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Ethically Hand Mined For Over 30 yrs

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Crystals - Gems - Fossils

I am the "Queen of Quartz".  I have been prospecting and hard rock mining for over 30 years, with the  ability to find quartz crystals, wherever I travel amassing a collection of gems, minerals and fossils weighing in at over 5 tons.  I am opening my collection to the public for the very first time.  Prepare to be amazed.  I have quartz crystals in every size, formation  and color of the rainbow with some very unique specimens, including naturally occurring Ametrine crystals.  The majority of the collection was gathered in Ontario, Canada.  I have owned a gold/platinum claim in the mountains of British Columbia and mined the gold fields of the Yukon Klondike.

Andromeda 7 Contributor & Panel

The Crystal Network

Make a Difference Today

Karen - Queen Of Quartz: Created With Love

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At the Crystal networks well-being is at the forefront of what we're working together towards our programs and activities are designed to be a catalyst that helps community members reach their goals and to fill their potential learning more about the impact we have and join us in bringing about positive change. Our community is focused on connecting and sharing lives the work we do in our network is aimed at providing holistic approach to solving some of Society's biggest challenges. We ensure that our partners are empowered by creating opportunities for individuals and our communities


Being of Value To Others


Be Of Service To Others...


Be the Frequency You Want to Receive...


Be the Frequency You Want to Receive...

Be Of Service To Others...


Andromeda 7 Contributor & Panelist

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