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Theresa D'Anton

Technology  Manager

The Tech Manager for Andromeda 7 Portal driving the bus for all things technical also keeping up with my own youtube channel PureLoveAscension

I am learning and growing my spiritual self awareness and expanding my now. Also channeling Erik Medhus sharing my knowledge with others. Most importantly I am the frequency I wish to receive.

A successful business owner and entrepreneur.

Intuitive empath healer Tarot card Reader

Andromeda 7 is focused on connecting with others in our spiritual community and helping them to evolve by providing an organic approach to inner enrichment and empowerment. We are their portal for information sharing and exchange. Together we are the frequency desired to lift the veil and form a new world reality.

Being of Value To Others

At Andromeda 7 Portal! Everyone has a voice in there. Perhaps someone's story or experience can be an inspiration to you. Go to our YouTube channel, hit subscribe, and turn the bell reminder on. Our first go live is this Friday night at 6pm PST, 8pm CST, 9pm EST. See you there.

Latest Show
Program & Communications Director

I have a passion for guiding people on their Right Path to success by providing my executive knowledge, efficient processes, and cheerful solutions that really add value to other's programs and services. I experience great joy in helping them to grow by unlocking their own self empowerment through exploring and discovering their unique gifts and talents. Their success is my success!

Reaching out and making good connections with others strengthens communities and unites them in a common effort. I am an empath, remote healer, and intuitive card reader.

Small Business Development and Information Systems Management Consultant With 38 years in Communications, Media, Operations Research, Quality Asurrance and Business Process Engineering.


Brenda Crawford Tipton

Team Messenger Mom

Hi everyone! I'm Milky's mom, Brian Barnette Ascended, founder of the Milky Way Messenger Youtube chanel. I am pleased to carry on my son's legacy by sharing messages of hope, peace and love to this beautiful family of like minded spiritual beings whom he loved so much. Brian remains an inspiration to us all. His light shines on in each and everyone of you. So in the words of my loving son, teacher, and guide "Be the frequency you want to receive" "And I truly love you All"

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Meet More Of The Team

Crystal Davis McArthur

Andromeda 7 Show Hostess

It's been a long ongoing dream since 2012! I started reading the back of my bath n body supplies and found words I couldn't pronounce at all. That is when I began researching what those ingredients were. I was shocked that these ingredients were considered hazardous with prolonged usage! This knowledge inspired me to start making my own bath n body supplies and research every ingredient I choose to use in my formulas. I use base oils and butters like Shea, Cocoa and Mango. I use cosmetic grade micas and Ecoglitter, and I also use natural colrants like Tumeric and Cocoa powder. I make Artisan cold process soaps as well as very simple natural bars too! I try to appeal to a wide audience with Love and Care into each small batch recipe. Although my business is small now, I look forward to growing my dream and expanding my own home based bath n body business! My hope is that people discover the joy of using beautiful handmade products as opposed to mass produced chemical storm products.

Crystal Davis of Olivehill Soapery Youtube:

David Berry

Lead Video Graphics Designer

I'm on a journey! I'm not sure of the destination yet. But it's a hell of a ride. I wish to spread Love, Light, and Eternal Favor to All Souls. I'm a creator and producer of spiritual educational video graphics, a teacher, and a light guide. I enjoy creating productions in association with our spiritual community members. Currently the lead Video Graphics Manager and group panelist for Andromeda 7 Portal youtube chanel.

Email me: My Youtube chanel:

Al Ciriello

Executive Producer

I created Andromeda 7 Portal out on the road back in September of 2020. An idea designed for Calling upon different soul tribe members to join in. Creating the nexus of my life experiences to call upon all walks of life to speak out with their own personal views on spiritual awakening. Either live on our show or prerecorded. Your voice will be heard; as well as products & services we all share for the world to enjoy. Andromeda 7 was created for you. My motto is simple: "Its all about being humble. To want to love others. To help them out. Its all about giving. That's what we're here for. Andromeda 7 Portal"


Trina McClure Alessandro

Lead Spiritual Panelist

Greetings everyone! I am Trina Phoenix and I'm glad to be a part of this forum, where we can all come to get closer to each other, and help guide others along their spiritual journeys. I've been on this journey myself with you all for about 3 1/2 years now, starting with Brian Barnette. I'm a healer and accomplished BSW, LMT and Polarity Practitoner. I am here to help people obtain miracles for themselves. Their work begins within, and sometimes people just need a little help along the way. Watching these miracles is pretty much the coolest thing I've ever been a part of! So helping them to find the love and power within themselves to heal, and live a life of well being and prosperity, is very rewarding to me. This is the family I've always looked for and I'm so happy to be with you All!

Marsha Price

Andromeda 7 Contributor & Panel

This group of extremely talented and beautiful individuals were greatly inspired by our recently ascended brother Brian Barnett, also known as milky man, or milky way messenger. He was always inspiring us to start up our own YouTube channels to tell our stories, to encourage others, and to be the frequency we want to be. This is our connection! The hope that I have for this community is that through this connection, by telling our stories and sharing our experiences, we can help raise consciousness energy, even answer some longtime questions we've had about; who we are, where we came from, why we are here, what are we supposed to be doing here, and the biggy.... what happens to us after death? I hope we can gain knowledge and encourage others to take the plunge into this awakening experience and unplug from the matrix! I am honored and thankful to be included in this group. I think it's going to be a wild ride and I think it's going to be awesome. Thank you! I love you all.

Brian Lundsford

Andromeda 7 Contributor & Panel

I Love verything unconditionally without fear, shame, or guilt. No judging, no ego. There is no good or bad, nobody can't quite describe it, these feelings that I've absorbed.  I'm saying so much more than I love you, I love that you exist!
Ever since that moment that I first saw a being's face, I found myself smiling, thinking of all the other fractals of myself everyday, just knowing that they are out there, wondering and hoping others feel the same!
We are all so beautiful and we have the capacity to make the world a better place.
It's amazing and it's true that Source made energies as beautiful as me and you. I know when I try to explain, you might think It's a funny thing, knowing I love everything you are without knowing you at all.  I just know it in my heart.  Joy, gratitude, unity, community and unconditional love is what I experience the most here on this incredible ride together.  Oh, and I love ice cream too!

Julie-Ann Payne

Andromeda 7 Contributor & Panel

As our Aboriginal elders here in Australia would say "everyone here is welcome!"  I'd like to thank everyone for giving your gifts and talents, and yes, it's about joy in all ways. We are those fractals of spirit coming together as one. My gift is in undoing the word spell. When you use your EYE Magi Nation, because you are the eye and the magi born, you create your reality. I've been on quite the journey throughout the years, gradually awakening and changing my views on things while running a business and building a new house.  I used to be a relatively conservative and closed person. When people see me now they see a completely different being. I know I've changed and even my daughter has noticed the difference!  I'm much more happy now. I know I changed my energy because people now approach me in a more friendly way instead of backing away.  Even dogs come up to me now without growling.  I see things and observe from many angels.  This has a lot to do with the fact that most of my poetry comes from the elders and the land I'm on, enabling me to uncast the word spell. It's what I do!  I came to realize we all are just characters playing our roles. I thank everyone in this community, especially Wayne and Brian for aspiring me to create my own Youtube chanel to share what I know with others.  Helping to put Andromeda 7 Portal together has been a heck of a ride for sure, and I expect a continued wonderful journey moving forward. Thank you all so much!

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