Queen of Quartz & John Robertson

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Yukon Winter
Pacific NW British Columbia - Seven Sister Mountain Range
Dawson City Yukon 
NW Pacific - Terrace BC
Pacific NW
Pacific NW
Pacific NW
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Adventures with

Queen of Quartz


John Robertson

Gitwangak Battle Hill

Gitwangak Battle Hill (formerly Kitwanga Fort) is the site of a former Gitwangak fortified village on the Kitwanga River in British Columbia, northeast of Terrace. During the late-1700s and early-1800s, Battle Hill was part of a complex trading network and the site of warfare between the Gitwangak (members of the Gitxsan) and other Aboriginal peoples of the Northwest Coast. The village was burned and abandoned in 1835. In 1971, it was recognized as a national historic site by the Canadian Register of Historic Places.