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Julie-Ann  (Joules)
Xanthorrhoea - Grass Tree

Serpentine from Widgee, where the grass trees are from & Amber or resin from the grass trees

Grasstrees grow in coastal heaths, and wet and dry forests of Australia. They are drought and frost tolerant. The grass tree mainly occurs in soils that are very free draining and consequently low in nutrients. It survives in the poorest soils, with a shallow root system, enabling it easily access nutrients from decaying litter, while storing all the food reserves in its stem

Mandi Moo
Red Rock from Quilpie

Baldy top, 7.8 kilometres out side of Quilpie (opal country) Queensland, this hill shows occupation by Australian aboriginal people as the area dug into reaches down to the red orce rock, which is traditionally used in ceremonies, crushed and mixed with water to make paint for caves and body art common with cultural rituals and ceremony 

It also gets its colour from the radiolaria micro organisms that became stuck in the coastal shelves in the mud after the ancient sea receeded

A Message from The Trees for the People of the World

Crystal Network Member
Lyndal Davidson
Gift of a Heart 
October 2021

I found this today and it is amazing in its entirety. Specifically there is a portion that I wanted you to hear. Near the beginning of the channeling JC mentions a process that is identical to that which Auntie explained to us when we handed over the Heart Crystal. There may have been no follow up news but I’m convinced the work is/has been done.


JC Kay burst onto the Social Media scene, and into the public's awareness in a few short weeks, with a mission to speak her truth in a world that was being silenced. JC is a Psychic-Medium, Artist, Spiritual Warrior, Truth Seeker and Cosmic Traveller. In a seemingly innocent series of events, JC created a Facebook Group, and a YouTube channel, (“Quantum Truths JC Kay”), with a simple intent to document her Astral Journeys that she was experiencing during her Meditation practice. This catapulted JC into the public eye, after she felt an intense “soul urge” to share her visions, spiritual truths, hidden worlds beneath Australia, Uluru and the Vatican, and her very raw conversations in order to awaken the masses.

Lori and North Point.jpg
North Point - Yukon
Uluru Update ‘Magic Box’ Prophecy – Successfully Activated

Thanks to the Original Elders of this sacred land, Timothy for reaching out to me to share the truth of what happened on the solstice of the 21st December 2020 at Uluru. A very special thank you to the Gadigal and Djabuguy men and Anangu elders that helped to activate Uluru.

Crystal Network Member

Lyndal Davidson

Gift of a Heart 

March 2020


Message sent to Tribal Elder from the Crystal Network: It is a 150 million year old Protocardia Clam from the lower Cretaceous Geologic Era - Sent from the Heart and love of North America to Australia and her people - that are also of ancient lines.   I hope it will join us together as one Heart beat with a common goal of good upon the earth.. of love and hope.


Did you know that Aboriginal people are not allowed to take, or ask for, artifacts from other areas? The only way that it is possible, is if it is a gift. Your email explanation with regards the heart was screenshot, sent to my friend Lili, then sent to Tribal Elder. It was precisely the documentation needed to follow proper protocol. I didn’t even tell you what to write. Isn’t that in itself just extraordinary? There were about 100 precise components that fell into place for this event. I’m in the process of trying to piece it all together in my journal for when it’s time to give a report.

The time is now.

I felt like I was in stasis, but everything has taken off at a rapid pace- since the crystals and heart arrived.


My number one concern is getting the heart to the Tribal Leader.  I’m going to Andrea’s ( the Chilean Sharman) house in the next hour for a karmic reversal she’d already planned with Ling, who is from an actual ancient dragon tribe. All this has transpired for me- they’d already planned it. We will use it’s blessing to template before we hand it over.   Seems the right thing to do as everything has fallen into place this way.

I am spent, but I am happy. Your receiving of this email will be the final strand of my greatest achievement in weaving. Last night in the garden a crab spider allowed herself to be seen by me, and her skills showed me how to complete the task.

The Bunurong elder took custodianship of the heart . She knows exactly what it is, and what she has to do. 


The Bunurong people, her people, are a Moon people. Her heart immediately felt better when she got it. She has already done the work with mapping the Song lines. She will bathe with the heart on the full moon and use the crystal to walk the trail of tears. The heart will show her more of the trail, from the Yarra Ranges to the coast. It is a silent walk done by women for all the people. The crystals, ie this one, manifest in times when humanity is crying, that is why it is a walk of tears. 


The Aboriginal people are closing the doors, maybe even in the next 5 hours. This was down to the wire. We have achieved something monumental in doing this. You should be as proud as you have ever been.

Thank you

love Lyndal



Singing the Landscape 

A songline, also called dreaming track, is one of the paths across the land (or sometimes the sky) within the animist belief system of Aboriginal Australians, which mark the route followed by localized "creator-beings" during the Dreaming. The paths of the songlines are recorded in traditional song cycles, stories, dance, and art, and are often the basis of ceremonies. They are a vital part of Aboriginal culture, connecting people to their land.

The Dreaming, or the Dreamtime, has been described as "a sacred narrative of Creation that is seen as a continuous process that links traditional Aboriginal people to their origins". Ancestors are believed to play a large role in the establishment of sacred sites as they traversed the continent long ago. Animals were created in the Dreaming, and also played a part in creation of the lands and heavenly bodies. Songlines connect places and Creation events, and the ceremonies associated with those places. Oral history about places and the journeys are carried in song cycles, and each Aboriginal person has obligations to their birthplace. The songs become the basis of the ceremonies that are enacted in those specific places along the Songlines.


Yolngu use hollow logs in traditional burial rituals. They are also an important "canvas" for their art, Aboriginal Memorial. ( NGA)

This song is contained in the Yolngu Morning Star ceremony, and includes the location of various features, such as mountains, waterholes, landmarks, and boundaries. Over time, as people followed the songlines, glyphs and etchings were left along these routes, which served as landmarks to aid future travelers in their journeys. This can be seen, for example, in Wollemi National Park, New South Wales, where many Aboriginal rock etchings have been discovered.

Autralia Team.jpg

The cast of characters for the karmic reversal and templating ceremony. Andrea and I are almost translucent!! Hope you got the picture of the painting young Lili did, of what she saw when she held the heart. She is in the centre front.

lili Painting.JPG

Lili is 9. She held the heart and drew what she saw.  There is a new dragon- baby blue- and Lili put him in the painting. Lili is of the ancient dragon lineage and was present for the templating of the heart.


Mary Wins - Forest Find

I ran into this tree last year when I was taking sky pics in the Angeles  National Forest. This tree was fascinating to me. I dont recall ever seeing this kind of tree. I see hundreds of faces of spirits in it. I uploaded the pics &  grabbed a few of the sky pics to send Brian & somehow I forgot about them. You probably know that the Celtics assign a spirit tree to a human. So I looked at my celtic spirit tree & found out that I'm a Nut Tree!!! hehe

Crystal Network Member

Yogi Vishal Nath​

Attends Holy Celebration India

March 2020


Crystal Network Member

Dalibor Maria Suchy

(Sun Rabbit)

January 2020

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So I Found the Coffin of a Bona-Fide Catholic Saint... 

....and still haven't experienced any of the customary table-lifting, mysterious rappings, or remnants of ectoplasm anywhere in my house, BUT something anomalous did turn up in a photo I took recently, and this prompted me to do some more research that left me pretty stunned.

I try to take a Christmas photo to send to all my friends and relatives abroad and overseas. It's an instant microtradition I started in 2017. Here it is:

The coffin I'm referring to belonged to St. Conrad of Parzham, which had been made into 2 small chests of drawers before he had been canonised a saint in 1934. I had referred to these 2 chests in a previous posting:

"While in general, modern furniture has no character or "soul," I try to cohabit only with furniture that has meaning to me, or that had meaning for someone else. What piece of furniture could be more personal than a coffin? Well, guess what, I HAVE one. Sounds morbid, I know. But let me explain.

The year was 2014 and I was looking for used furniture by cruising the local Sperrmull, which is a bulk garbage day here in Germany. I was looking for a specific type, something having a multitude of narrow drawers, like for papers and such. I found 2 nightstands that each had 4 drawers with brass handles. The wood looked vaguely like marble and the pieces seemed well-made and robust. The architectural analogue would be something between Baroque and Romanesque. Next day I had a better look at them at my house and deemed them worthy of being MINE. Cleaned them off, and inside I found a placard. It stated that the pieces had been made in 1923 from the coffin of a monk named Brother Konrad who died on 21 April 1894 in Altotting, Germany.

Back in 1923 wood was in high demand for only one purpose: to make more banknotes because Weimar Germany was in a hyperinflationary meltdown. It actually WAS common practice to disinterr coffins and re-bury the dead in cardboard boxes. Not only was wood needed to make paper, but the winter of 1922-1923 was an especially cruel one, and wood was also needed for home heating purposes. Mentally I tried connecting with this Brother Konrad, and I didn't get anything. Later, I was preparing a meal and could feel his smile on my soul and [almost] heard him say "so, you found it. It's yours." All I can say is THANKS Brother Konrad. They're nice pieces, and the fact that they used them for your coffin means you were LOVED."

Here's a picture of one of those pieces:

So anyway, I took the Christmas selfies but made sure to take many, so I could select the best one. The one that the orb appears in is actually the worst of the series and I almost deleted it before noticing what appears to be the face of a Capuchin friar inside the orb. Furthermore, I'm actually pointing straight at it with my cigarette.

Here it is in better detail:

And here it is after I played around with some of the settings like colour, contrast, etc. I'm an amateur and had no idea what I did. I just tried to make the image stand out a little better:

it's not something I would have expected, since fervent Catholics aren't supposed to believe in ghosts yet here he is, as a ghost. Here's his Wikipedia page:

It's interesting to note that he was born on 22.12.1818 which would mean that that photo was taken shortly after what would have been his 201st birthday. 201 was my area code for a long time when I lived in the USA, and that's the only connection I make with that number.

If you look at the orb closely, at first it looks like a human skull but after you re-focus your eyes it looks remarkably like an older man with a bald head and a beard wearing the hooded Capuchin robe. Like Brother Conrad:

I did the research on him only after I noticed that the face in the orb looked like a man in a robe, and remembered the 2 chests. Coincidentally, one of those chests is where I keep my wallet and keys. So what happens to the chests NOW? Well, nothing really. I'll just have to wait and see what happens next.

I also tried to think back to which city I had found them in, and can't remember. I just know it was in 2014. And to think that this is just one of the many unusual things I've found through the gentle practice of garbage picking.

Crystal Network Member

Lyndal Davidson

Adventure at Ankor Wat 

October 2019

Ankor Wat
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Ankor Wat1
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Ankor Wat4
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Ankor Wat2
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Crystal Network Member

Julie-Ann Payne

Kilkivan Bush Camp Smokin Blues and Roots weekend

January 2020

Ian and I in our commUnity share in the love

Ian at 1m10 sec flipping pan cakes Me well U Will spot Me wave in

Julie-Anne quote.jpg
Julie-Ann Sigil.jpg

Crystal Member Update

An adventure at Ankor Wat - Cambodia

Just a quick update on my arm of the crystal project for your enjoyment!


Nothing but the spreading of happiness and fun to report here, but isn’t that the point?


The crystal foursome just accompanied myself and my daughter to Cambodia for 10 days. Your crystal network map shows a lack of people involved in the project from that area of the world, so it seemed important to take the work there. (Not surprising, in Cambodia’s case, as they are very limited in their exposure to outside endeavours.)


We ventured to Angkor Wat and Angkor Thom for a day. The west entrance ( main one) is associated with death, symbolised by the setting of the sun in the west- the dying of the day. Our first experience upon stepping onto the boardwalk was to be present for someone’s death. I don’t think this to be a coincidence. I felt as if we were providing spiritual assistance from the sidelines, and I was very honoured to participate in this way.


As if to lift the mood, the day conspired to bring us to two separate wedding groups. Once again, we witnessed from the sidelines, and this time shared in the joy.  Don’t know what was happening in the heavens that day, but 26th September 2019 has gone down in my records as the ‘Death and Two Weddings’ day. 


This is how I love to see the world, and it mirrors the way I participate and execute my work professionally. I make costumes in advance, thereby contributing support to the artists in their work, and observe the resulting magic, ( or sometimes lack there of,) from the wings.


We had many other great adventures, but the one above is best for outlining how I’m discerning a way to participate in the Crystal Network, using my own unique skill set. This is my mission statement;


1) Use my creative skills to provide a scene.

2) Set the artists (crystals) to work

3) Project all my positive intentions onto the artists from side stage

4) Watch the audience response in a state of appreciation and good intentions

5) Allow the magic to reveal itself


Life imitating art, imitating life.

All the world is a stage.


Love Lyndal (in Melbourne)


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Heading 6

Crystal Network Member

Queen of Quartz

Fossil Dig

January 2020

Glen Rose Limestone Formation which is apart of the lower Cretaceous Geologic Era approximately 100 -150 million years old.   Finding now extinct Protocardia clams known as Texas Hearts as well as other fossils.  These were found at almost 1400 ft above sea level.

Queen of Quartz Finds Possible Bigfoot Den  While Exploring in Washington  Forest 

Crystal Network Member

Yogi Vishal Nath

Travels Across India


To Heal & Teach

I'm at a shram in this picture. I stayed in this single room for 2 months Doing rituals without eating anything In front of the holy fire, chanting mantras with rosary, doing meditation Then only I got powers like I can make a protection aura around anybody even around a house that no negative or dark energies can touch them, I can remove negative energies and evil spirits if they're attached to somebody.   I can heal disorders and illness as well within the energectic fields.  I have been travelling across India for 5 years to Heal and teach..