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March 2021


Crystal Network Member

Yogi Vishal Nath​

Yogi had been travelling across India for the past 5 years teaching and healing.  He was able to live and use his gifts based on generous donations from those he stayed with on his journeys and those he helped.  Since the recent changes this past year and restrictions Yogi has not been able to continue and now desperately needs our financial help just to eat.  Please Donate if you can.

Crystal Network Member

Roland Watson

Roland usually helped look after his ill mother and Autistic brother while holding down a job.  Recently with the changes this past year and becoming very ill himself with covid, loosing his mother and job Roland still remains guardian of his brother.  They are desperate need of financial assistance just to have food.  Please donate if you can.

Al Ciriello

Creator & Executive Producer 

My motto is simple: "Its all about being humble. To want to love others. To help them out. Its all about giving. That's what we're here for.

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Cajun Queen's - Kitchen Appeal 

Food Pantry


Cajun Queens kitchen does whatever it takes to deliver food to children and families most in need by distributing food to members of the community during these difficult times.

Let us come together during these challenging and transformative times, help  support all those that need our assistance especially those who require FOOD to nourish the body and soul.   Donate to Cajun Queens Food Pantry - Providing for those in her local community 

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Khadija Hammond.jpg
Khadija Hammond
Scholar of Ancient Egypt, Journalist, author, novelist

WE are an international team of Egyptologists,  led by Dr. Elsayed Hegazy, renowned Director of Karnak and Luxor temples, and Valley of the Kings and Queens who retired as Director of the Eastern Delta. Artists and cat lovers have joined together to raise the Great Temple of Bastet which lies in ruins in the Delta  of Egypt. It is a sad fate for one of Egypt's most beautiful temples to our beloved cats. But you can help change that.


We need  $30,000 per season to raise the temple. There are 10 workers, 6 specialists, 1 foreman and video/photographer to hire plus all the essential equipment we will need to buy. The greatest expense is the crane, which removes the huge temple stoners. We have scaled down our needs to be able to raise this amount. But it is slow going! If we raise more, we do more work. So, the more the better. We must save the stones before salt and water melt them all away!!! Once the temple is is gone forever. 

It is with the greatest joy that we announce that the Department of Antiquities has granted permission to begin season 2.!