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Thank You Mary Wins for your continued support & love for the Soul Tribes wellbeing

The Crystal Network 
Helping Family & Community 

"Community Support, Friendship, Knowledge, Limitless Love, and Being of Value to Others"
That's what we are here for!

Emergency Funds Needed

Genevieve & Lili Barrette

Lets all help Soul Tribe family member Genevieve Barrette and her 9 yr old daughter.  They require assistance with Rent, food and some much needed winter clothing for Lili.  We can do this together and MAKE A DIFFERENCE TODAY...

Gen Barrette.jpg

Donate & Help Support
Cajun Queen's  
Food Pantry

Cajun Queens kitchen does whatever it takes to deliver food to children and families most in need by distributing food to members of the community.

david berry.jpg
Urgent Help Required for Community Member
David Berry

David is one of the corner stones or foundation of our community.  His selflessness, support, wisdom and love has benefited all within our family at so many levels.  Let's show David our support NOW in his time of need, especially during the season of giving....  

Urgent Help Required for Community Member
Deborah L Smith

Please share to help me and my sister, thank you.
Ok so the hematology team at Moffitt and their social worker L suggested that I write my story about this A M L Acute Myeloid Leukemia. So here goes. Last year I was up in south Georgia and got very sick and was helicopter over to Augusta Georgia to a teaching hospital, and was diagnosed with the AML, the oncology Dr's put me through rounds of chemo, ugh that was very hard on me. But after 35 days my sister Peggy came up and brought me back to Tampa thank you sis!. So currently Soon I will be having a bone marrow transplant which Peggy is a 100% match. I'll be in Moffitt for 30 day's or so then I'll need care at home which means sis needs to be here for me and will need funds for her rent etc, or we need to find someone that can be here with me while Peggy is at work sis does home health care she's a RN nurse. Thank you for taking the time to read this post much love.

Help Posy Rebuild Her Home

Hi to all who read this and send love and appreciation to all who can help my friend Posy.

Posy had to visit the hospital due to ill health and during that time her home burnt down, this visit to the hospital may of indeed saved her life, making sure she was out of the way when the fire hit for which we have great relief, however she and her family are now left with that immense task of rebuilding and repairing her home in order to have a safe place to live.

Time is of the essence and we do not know how costly this will be to Posy and her family financially but we are hoping to aid her with this as much as possible at this difficult time.

No doubt there are some things that have perished in the fire that are irreplaceable but in setting up this GoFundMe account we are hoping collectively we can show her love and the beauty and compassion of others who wish to help her build new memories that are all that much sweeter as they can represent the beauty and giving nature of the many. If you can find your way to giving to this beautiful lady that gives so much to this world we would truly appreciate it.

Thank you for taking the time to read this message and in advance for giving and sharing this story.

With much love and gratitude

Jennifer Roberts is organizing this fundraiser.
Save Djaki Kundu (AKA the 'Gympie Pyramid').
KABI Dreaming
Kabi Dreaming.jpg

Sovereign Native Tribes of the Kabi First Nation State. Guided by the Spirits of our Ancestors to Protect Sacred Tribal Lands, Sacred Sites and Culture.


Djaki Kundu (Rocky Ridge in English), also referred to as 'the Gympie Pyramid' is threatened with destruction by government authorities, for a highway upgrade. The Kabi guardians of Djaki Kundu are appealing for urgent help to save an important piece of ancient history, that is of benefit to many people. We ask you to please help us raise $30,000 which is the estimated cost (quoted by an experienced native title lawyer) for obtaining an urgent legal injunction to stop the destruction. We will be taking whatever legal action is necessary to prevent the further desecration and destruction of the site.


November 5, 2021by Diane Djaki Widjung, Organizer

Thank you to all the wonderful people who have donated for legal assistance. A large part of Djaki Kundu has been severely damaged, Barristers and a Solicitor are engaged to prevent further destruction of our sacred site, and we now need to also fund an expert report, and expect this fight will cost far more than we previously expected. We are asking for further help, in order to set a precedent to deter further destruction of sacred sites on this continent, by those who should know better. Bona wup'pin, and love to everyone. O X

Egypet at night.jpg
Khadija Hammond.jpg
Khadija Hammond
Scholar of Ancient Egypt, Journalist, author, novelist
It is with the greatest joy that we announce that the Department of Antiquities has granted permission to begin season 2.!

WE are an international team of Egyptologists,  led by Dr. Elsayed Hegazy, renowned Director of Karnak and Luxor temples, and Valley of the Kings and Queens who retired as Director of the Eastern Delta. Artists and cat lovers have joined together to raise the Great Temple of Bastet which lies in ruins in the Delta  of Egypt. It is a sad fate for one of Egypt's most beautiful temples to our beloved cats. But you can help change that.


We need  $30,000 per season to raise the temple. There are 10 workers, 6 specialists, 1 foreman and video/photographer to hire plus all the essential equipment we will need to buy. The greatest expense is the crane, which removes the huge temple stoners. We have scaled down our needs to be able to raise this amount. But it is slow going! If we raise more, we do more work. So, the more the better. We must save the stones before salt and water melt them all away!!! Once the temple is is gone forever. 

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