Crystal Science 

Crystal Magic and Application

  • Discover how to help yourself and others with the energy of crystals

  • Be more confident with your crystal healing abilities by fully understanding HOW and WHY they work

  • Enhance, enrich and deepen your crystal connection 

  • Tap into the mystical power in crystals and stones understanding the  science

  • Using your crystals for healing, meditating, dreaming and astral projecting

  • clearing, cleansing, charging and programming  your crystals

  • creating and using crystal circles and grids

  • Using your crystal as an object of personal power

Crystal Science & Application

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Physics of Crystals

Les Brown

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Emergence Theory

A Laypersons guide

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E8 Emergence Theory

Hacking our Reality

The Quartz Page

Everything Quartz

Dr. Masaru Emoto

Water Experiment

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Crystals & Gemstones

Crystal Visions

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Grow & Program your own Crystals


Brian Lunsford 'Rocks'

Hand collected, polished and ready to go

How to remove a crystal geode from a rock wall 

Queen of Quartz & Mountain Man Macrae


Walker Valley - Mining Crystal Geodes

Queen of Quartz

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Nick Grauel - Rockhound

Outstanding Fossil Find


Charging Crystals On the Glacier Mountain top

Queen of Quartz

Queen of Quartz

Exploring The Mountain Forest

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Gemstone Video Series

from Around the World

Activating Crystalline Pineal Gland


Brian Lunsford 'Rocks'

circles, grids and sigils using crystals