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Andromeda 7  - Esoteric Egypt

Understanding and remembering whom we are revealing our unique powers and gifts. Please join us over the next couple of months as we journey through ancient cultures, beliefs, and spiritual practices with some of our very own world travelers and knowledge seekers. "Esoteric Egypt, the sacred Science of the Land of Khem by J.S. Gordon" is our reference guide for round table discussions in this special series. Available on Amazon for $18.62 (used $13.55) should you desire to explore the book in its entirety on your own. "Reveals that the ancient Egyptians believed in reincarnation and a spiritual evolutionary process". Explains the connections between the movements of Orion and Sirius and the story of Osiris and Isis, the importance of the Pleiades and circumpolar stars to the Egyptians, and the fundamental unity of the Egyptian Pantheon." "Investigates the people who colonized greater Egypt 100,000 years ago, descendants of the Atlanteans."

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