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I like to join the metaphysical to the science of crystals and minerals. My interests are in seeing what these minerals are truly capable of from crystal luminosity, to changing crystal colour through heat irradiation, Making crystals ( from sugar to borax to bismuth crystals) to learn the interesting ways in which crystal formation occurs.

I love learning and passing that knowledge on. I am big on ethically sourced minerals and supporting family owned mines/quarries and prospectors.

Exploring Crystals with

Mandi Moo

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Australian Zebra Stone
Charkra: Earth Star Base Sacral
Element : Earth
Zodiac : ALL

This stone is highly charged with earthly energies that are great for assisting to boost physical endurance and energy levels,  its strong earthly vibration eases feelings of exhaustion while keeping us grounded enough to put boundaries and limitations in place; helping one to feel a sense of security and stability. Zebra stone can reignite imagination, allowing us to incorporate creativity even into the most mundane of tasks. It helps in restoring and enthusiastic outlook to life as it sends out a vibrational energy determination and courage to the forefront, overshadowing self doubt and fears. If you can buy an all of these then zebra stone is it great stone for assisting us in times of depression and when you find yourself becoming caught in cycles of in action due to feelings of being overwhelmed. Zebra restores balance to yin and yang energies, with it's layers consisting of light and dark, allows us to recognize fairy shadow aspects of a situation, which assist us to see good in a bad situation - recognizing what lessons are being talk to us, as face it again at another point in our lives.  Also said to a great stone for dream recollection.

All of these amazing metaphysical aspects offered from this Unique Stone makes it powerful for grounding, rebalancing and re-energizing while protecting Aura and in Stirling a sense of security to it's bearer.   The ultimate elemental Earth Stone.
A must have for any Aussie Crystal lovers collection.


Australian Zebra Stone

Australian zebra stone - the true primordial stone

Name given to a type of Argillite, found only near Lake Argyle in Western Australia. This is a sedimentary stone comprising of Quartz, Detrital Clay where's inclusions of iron oxide (any form of hematite) that have compacted in a very distinct happening a very earthy Reds, brown, beige and almost a slightly pink colouring; forming in unique ways from perfectly straight layers, wavy bands that seem to camouflage into each other and even in some cases spots and Ollie shaped stripes. This is a very rare stone believed till formed approximately 60 million years ago. It was only located mia lake Argyle, in the eastern Kimberleys of Western australia, until can you deposit was found in 2011 at Newry on the western Australia - northern Territory border. However, due to how rare these particular stone is in 2017 it was listed as protected to conserve this beautiful landscape from losing this highly unique patterning of Rock not seen anywhere else. There are however other forms of australian zebra stone coming from other places like Coober Pedy, these are however, very pale in comparison and our type of sandstone wear a zebra stone from the Kimberleys is a form of siltstone and not sandstone.


Rose quartz restores trust and harmony in all relationships, most importantly of all - the relationship we have with ourself. Emanates a beautiful energy of compassion and forgiveness; assisting us to accept ourselves, boosting self confidence and really allowing our a healing process to begin - giving inside and a refreshed perspective to how we love; how is you love and how we accept love. Rose quartz is great for calming the mind when connecting to our heart space, this soothing vibration assist us to release old hurts an emotional trauma, so that we can once again begin to love ourselves and in turn become more open to the love that we deserve from others.
Rose quartz is one of the best Stones for anyone at the beginning of their crystal Journey or anyone starting a healing process.

When carved into a standing point with 6 unequal sides, this is known as a tower, in the shape it allows the crystal to Direct and focus it's loving and calming energy, making it a great feature for your little space of zen. Place in the corner of any meditative or coming space, it assists in raising the vibrations of its surrounding environment. With its ability to Direct energy out of its tip, when placed at the centre of any crystal it will amplify your intentions, whilst insuring it's loving, accepting and forgiving energies emanate from its tip to help you manifest in the most purest of ways - with Love.