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Exploring with  - Mary Wins

Crystals - Sp32-46A - small.jpg
Grooved crystal - 9Br663 LN521 Sp36 - sm

Quartz Crystal modified into a pendant. (Note: this is crystal in lower left of picture above).

Human effigy heads - Sp119-121A_LN1087,5

What is the Leake site and why is it significant?

The Leake site is a Native American archaeological site that is located along the Etowah River southwest of Cartersville, Georgia in Bartow County. The site contains the remains of an American Indian occupation that lasted from approximately 300 B.C. until 650 A.D. These remains include three earthen mounds and a large circular ditch, along with an extensive "midden" that represents a dark soil mixture of decomposed organic refuse and artifacts. The site was excavated in advance of the widening of State Highway 61/113, with over 50,000 square feet excavated.The Leake site archaeological investigation revealed that this site represents a major center during the prehistoric Middle Woodland period, figuring prominently in the interaction among peoples from throughout the Southeastern and the Midwestern United States.

cave on Ladd's Mt showing geological for
Tyson's Mudfossil Adventures

Learn about the true nature of Rocks even the ones in space. Recent DNA verified "Mudfossils" are body parts and cat scans show anatomical details exquisitely. Mudfossils are perfectly preserved mineralized (now stone) soft tissues due to continuous wet anerobic mud packed conditions. You will learn how to identify these they came to be and the ramifications which are FAR reaching. You will also see that Comet 67P is completely biological and the chemistry and anatomy and gaseous emissions are unimpeachable.

Rare Earth Elements - Not So Rare

Our earth was biological before it was geological. What you will see in this video is epimysium,peramysium and endomysium connective tissue in muscle.These patterns are distinct and unique and not repeated in volcanism anywhere on earth. There is no working model on earth for this. here is a link to tendon biology

Ancient Underground Tunnels 

The latest most sought after minerals now are the Lanthanide Rare Earth Metals........ Rare Earth minerals are found in BIOLOGY... as is everything. It just so happens that ENOURMOUS biology has lots of these rare earths and my Native American Brothers are sitting on piles of them.

The evidence is overwhelming and time for open discussion.

Ancient Map of Inner Earth Entrance
Grand Canyon, Inner Earth Expedition
Exploring The Rock with Rex Bear
The Oldest Pictographs in America
Evidence of a Major Catastrophe
Amazing Old Maps 1
Amazing Old Maps 2

Crystals Discovered in the Stomach of Fossil Bird Complicates the Mystery of Its Diet

It’s hard to know what prehistoric animals’ lives were like—even answering seemingly simple questions, like what they ate, can be a challenge. Sometimes, paleontologists get lucky, and pristine fossils will preserve an animal’s stomach contents or provide other clues. In a new study in Frontiers in Earth Science, researchers investigating the fossil of a bird that lived alongside the dinosaurs got more questions than answers when they found quartz crystals in the bird’s stomach.

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