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Milky Way Messenger

Be the Frequency You Want to Receive...

We took a ride through the cosmos with you and expanded our minds and hearts

Brian Barnette

July 2020

Milky Way Soul Tribe

This Channel is dedicated to Milkyway Messenger (Brian Barnett) who remains an inspiration to all. He was a teacher a friend and a soul tribe member. Here on this channel we are growing a beautiful and loving community that he started. Sharing music and storys, good messages and postitive thinking. A message for all to spread to the world. We are Star Seeds that are here to bring about change. On this special place, we will be sharing ideas, and positive thinking. Studying about the mind, body, soul, and the world around us and how to navigate through it. Everyone will be welcomed with open arms and love in our hearts as Brian would have done. We will read books to help your spiritual growth. Have card readings. Share storys and interview members of the soul tribe. We want all to be apart of this channel. So as Brian would say"Howdy Folks welcome to another day in the Milkyway." "Be the frequency you want to receive" "And I truly love you All"


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Robert Vopelak

Milky Way Soul Tribe Channel

Everyone here is special! Just look At what you can do! We are not limited and we can set our minds to do whatever it is we want to do. We can all do great things and all you have to do just start Somewhere,  And it will all come out!

If you've been following the history of this program and our ascended brother Brian Barnett, you too can be inspired to come out of your shells. He worked through other people and that's what we do in this soul tribe. We support each other and inspire each other with love, appreciation and gratitude! You are limitless and I'm so happy to be a part of our tradition and growth.


Hi everyone! I'm Milky's mom, Brian Barnette Ascended, founder of the Milky Way Messenger Youtube chanel. I am pleased to carry on my son's legacy by sharing messages of hope, peace and love to this beautiful family of like minded spiritual beings whom he loved so much. Brian remains an inspiration to us all. His light shines on in each and everyone of you. So in the words of my loving son, teacher, and guide "Be the frequency you want to receive" "And I truly love you All"


Brenda Crawford Tipton

Team Messenger Mom

David Null

Native American Myths and Legends Series
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Interviews with Ryan Serio
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Narrated by Brian Barnette
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Full Episode with Rob & Theresa