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In Loving Memory 

Milky Way Messenger

Be the Frequency You Want to Receive...

We took a ride through the cosmos with you and expanded our minds and hearts

Brian Barnette

July 2020

Milky Way Soul Tribe

This Channel is dedicated to Milkyway Messenger (Brian Barnett) who remains an inspiration to all. He was a teacher a friend and a soul tribe member. Here on this channel we are growing a beautiful and loving community that he started. Sharing music and storys, good messages and postitive thinking. A message for all to spread to the world. We are Star Seeds that are here to bring about change. On this special place, we will be sharing ideas, and positive thinking. Studying about the mind, body, soul, and the world around us and how to navigate through it. Everyone will be welcomed with open arms and love in our hearts as Brian would have done. We will read books to help your spiritual growth. Have card readings. Share storys and interview members of the soul tribe. We want all to be apart of this channel. So as Brian would say"Howdy Folks welcome to another day in the Milkyway." "Be the frequency you want to receive" "And I truly love you All"


Brian Barnette Tribute Card Deck

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Robert Vopelak

Milky Way Soul Tribe Channel

Everyone here is special! Just look At what you can do! We are not limited and we can set our minds to do whatever it is we want to do. We can all do great things and all you have to do just start Somewhere,  And it will all come out!

If you've been following the history of this program and our ascended brother Brian Barnett, you too can be inspired to come out of your shells. He worked through other people and that's what we do in this soul tribe. We support each other and inspire each other with love, appreciation and gratitude! You are limitless and I'm so happy to be a part of our tradition and growth.


Hi everyone! I'm Milky's mom, Brian Barnette Ascended, founder of the Milky Way Messenger Youtube chanel. I am pleased to carry on my son's legacy by sharing messages of hope, peace and love to this beautiful family of like minded spiritual beings whom he loved so much. Brian remains an inspiration to us all. His light shines on in each and everyone of you. So in the words of my loving son, teacher, and guide "Be the frequency you want to receive" "And I truly love you All"


Brenda Crawford Tipton

Team Messenger Mom

"Surrounded By Dragonflies"


Brian Barnette

Our ascended brother Brian Barnett often makes his presence known in the form of the dragonfly to his mother Brenda and several community members. When Brenda saw Desiree Matingly's tattoo artwork on our program one evening, Brenda commented how nice it would be to have a dragonfly tattoo, but that her husband would not go for it. So I got to thinking wouldn't it be nice to express appreciation and gratitude for everything Brenda contributes to this community by gifting her with a commissioned art piece by Desiree Matingly. A vision was given to me by Brian as he was standing in an open field surrounded by dragonflies. I shared this vision with grandpa Brian Richards and told him to please ask Desiree if she could recreate the vision in her fantasy art style. I sent her two or three portrait photographs of Brian and a couple of dragon fly illustrations. Being the talented artist that she is, Desiree took off with the concept and created this most beautiful piece of digital art that truly captures the essence of Brenda's son's spirit and the energy we all feel when he communicates with us.

A Gift Of Gratitude, Appreciation & Love

Thank you Theresa, Brian & Desiree...

for Brenda Crawford Tipton

Welcome to the new channel, "The Null In Void News" Channel.!!!
Native American Myths and Legends Series

David Null

David Null.jpg

This channel is dedicated to providing "interesting information" that comes across the internet. The intention is to educate folks in many different ways and show those interesting things you may have missed yourself. Some of these things may be funny in nature, some may be sad and some things may make you angry. The subject matter will change as our world changes so this should be an interesting ride! My experience has 40 forty plus years of learning, in all areas and scopes, including engineering Carpentry, plumbing, Solar Energy, 3D drawings & AutoCad,, Director and actor in over 65 different plays in community theater settings, and a traveling puppeteer in the Southern USA with over 150 puppets, mostly Marionettes. Many "Characters" will appear in segments during "The Null In Void News" stories to help report the news as "normal Americans" see the world and not those at the perceived top.


River Adventure With David Null & Best Friend

Interviews with Ryan Serio
Interviews with Wayne Steiger
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Narrated by Brian Barnette
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Full Episode with Rob & Theresa

Join Robert V, Trina Phoenix and special guest Max Vision as we look at remote viewing and how it may be your inter wisdom that helps you determine this lost knowledge that we all have.

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Max Vision

Join Robert V and Trina Phoenix and Special Guest Max Vision and a appearance from Big Al who has been hard at work on the road making Angel cards. Tonight we are going to look at the (Now) How did we get here how can we do better. Are we shadows of our past? Can we become more than we are in the future. Will we make it to the new earth the 5D.

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