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Greetings Diane of Dijaki Widjung.


I, Theresa D'Anton, and The Andromeda 7 Celestial Gateway Program, acknowledge the Australian Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander peoples as the first inhabitants of the nation and the traditional custodians of the land where some of our program participants live, learn, and work.  I acknowledge the Kabi Nation people as the traditional custodians of Djaki Kundu, the Wit-booka Sovereign Kabi Tribe region, and pay respect to Kabi Nation elders past and present. 


As kindred spirits,

the Andromeda 7 team recognizes and empathizes with the many struggles Kabi Nation custodians have endured to protect the sacred site of Djaki Kundu (Rocky Ridge). Julie Ann Payne has told us this land is integral to your Kabi Kabi Dream-time stories relating to the Star Ancestorsan ancient Kabi.  Djaki Kundu is a very culturally significant landscape constructed thousands of years ago by Kabi ancestors. We are also aware that it contains a powerful healing crystal that must be protected and not disturbed by those who do not respect its power or honor Australian Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander peoples, tribal laws, and land. 


The Andromeda 7 team is honored to meet with and interview the Wit-booka Soverign Kabi Tribal Law/Lore Man and any Sovereign Kabi Tribal Council of Elders representatives as you want.


Please join us for a pre-record discussion that will surely increase understanding and knowledge of all people and nations throughout the world.  The Andromeda 7 team is committed to supporting Aboriginal lands, nations and traditions to the extent possible.


Are you available on your Wednesday, October 27, at 12:00 noon your time for an internet Streamyard meeting/interview?  If this is okay with you I can email you some easy instructions for making connection. The pre-recorded session will then be aired live your Saturday afternoon on our youtube chanel.


I would like to include a couple of your Facebook videos and one of your youtube videos during our interview.  This will help introduce you, the elders, and this sacred location prior to an open, in-depth conversation.  Please advise and confirm your permission to do so.


I am Looking forward to hearing back from you soon. I, and the Andromeda 7 Celestial Gateway, are committed to a positive future for the Aboriginal community.




Theresa D'Anton and the Andromeda 7 Celestial Gateway program team.

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Kabi Kabi Yangga Buwan Cultural and Land Aboriginal Corporation
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The Kabi Kabi country is located on the Sunshine Coast and extends North from Brisbane as far North as Fraser Island and inland to Kilcoy.

The Kabi Kabi First Nation are the registered applicants for Native Title for the entire Sunshine Coast region. In accordance with the traditional law and custom acknowledged by them, the Kabi Kabi First Nation Traditional Owners Native Title Claim Group consists of the people known as the Kabi Kabi People, being those Aboriginal people whose traditional land and waters are situated generally in the region of the Sunshine Coast in the State of Queensland

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We are at Gympie Court House waiting for the release of Gilburri! Come and show your support if you can
This is US ALL in the streets of gympi gympi this weekend, IN OUR SOVEREIGNTY!!!

In 1973 the corrupt Commonwealth parliament criminally amended the Royal Styles and Titles Act and removed the Queen of the UK Parliament over Her Realm the Commonwealth of Australia and replaced her with the fraudulent "queen of Australia" - at the same time they also removed ALL reference to her "heirs and successors" from the Act.

What that means is that when the current (fraudulent) queen of Australia dies (which wont be long) there is NO-ONE who can succeed her to the throne in respect of Australia.

Aunty Gayili, YOLNGU Connection to Djaki Kundu (also known as Rocky Ridge or the 'Gympie Pyramid').

Yolngu Tribal Elder Aunty Gayili Marika Yunupingu, senior Gumatj, shows the connection of the Kabi sacred site of Djaki Kundu and the Seven Sisters Dreaming to Yolngu peoples. In the past government administrators have denied the truth that Djaki Kundu (also known as Rocky Ridge or the 'Gympie Pyramid') is a Kabi ancient sacred site. First Nation tribes all over Terra Australis know the truth and are speaking out in unity. The story held by Aunty Gayili is ancient and predates the arrival of colonists on tribal country. Kabi Tribal Elders, and Guardians of Djaki Kundu thank Aunty Gayili, Lurnpa - David Cole, and OSTF for their assistance in making this video in support of Djaki Kundu.


On Tuesday at our place there was a luncheon about 16 people, Tribal Elders common law (lORE) people and other members of our CommUnity. Every body took turns 2 share the back story gifts and talents 4 when the Fairy floss hits the fan we have the skills set I have had many down loads and they R now All coming together We have wON and it is us down under that have 2 show the world with our Tribal Elders standing together bring every colour on the planet as ONe Wirritjin. I thank U all 4 your support The song i will send after this message was played at the lunch Plus a group of intuitives from New Zealand Terra Australis and other places R going 2 the Higher realms tonight and working at the Crystal city of Gympie I will send the map so U all can focus on it Thanks again Joules_The_Alchemists



Stand With Kabi Sovereigns Against Human Rights Abuse!

Gympie Court House

We are self determining, and gather in our religious and spiritual Tribal obligation to protect Country and to PROTECT ALL who live on it from further abuse of their 'human rights'. As Tribal Law/Lore man Wit-boooka reminded the Queensland Police on 15th October, Corporations have No rights, only people have rights! The ancestral spirits are still guiding us! Love to all from the Tribal Guardians and Kabi Elders of Kabi Bunya Djha and Djaki Kundu. Bona wup'pin.


Our freedom and our liberty are at stake. Worst of all so are our lives and those of our families. And fellow humans we must stand in unity, it is the key, unity. The sovereign tribal people of these lands extend our hands to all residing on this continent to stand with us in Unity. And together we can erode the sickness governing our lives and build a healthy future for all Australian people in partnership with the true sovereigns of these lands and through the only law that holds any validity on this continent, we urge that all protective services stand with the people, not with the corporate agents harming us all.

Demonstration in Gympie
Demonstrations Around Australia