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New Upcoming Classes

Crystal Magick 

  • Discover how to help yourself and others with the energy of crystals

  • Be more confident with your crystal healing abilities by fully understanding HOW and WHY they work

  • Enhance, enrich and deepen your crystal connection 

  • Tap into the mystical power in crystals and stones understanding the  science

  • Using your crystals for healing, meditating, dreaming and astral projecting

  • clearing, cleansing, charging and programming  your crystals

  • creating and using crystal circles and grids

  • Using your crystal as an object of personal power

Astrology Basics 

  • Astrology basics

  • Astrology symbols

  • Birth chart Layout

  • Astrological planets and houses

  • Your rising sign

  • Elements, qualities and polarities of each

  • Zodiac signs,  aspects and orbs

  • How to read your own birth chart

  • doing progressions and transits

  • prerequisite for advanced seals course

Sigils & Seals 

  • Basic, intermediate and advanced levels

Spells & Potions

  • Basic, intermediate and advanced levels

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