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Dalibor Maria Suchy - February 28, 2021
Past Life Resurfacing

Every once in a while, things happen in your life that can only be explained by the interaction of your life path, whether intentional or not, with elements of a previous existence your soul had experienced in a past life. I won’t go into the mountains of evidence for the existence of reincarnation, because it’s out there, nor the subjective proofs I have had in that regard, specifically those which were made known to me in a series of past-life regression sessions I had with a trained psychologist under hypnosis. Let me just summarise that all my previous lives that I have recalled happened in Eastern Europe.  I was born in Eastern Europe, in Czechoslovakia during the Soviet invasion of 1968. At 3 months of age I was moved to Austria, then the USA. In 1976 we moved to West Germany and moved back to the USA in 1977. In 1991 I made the decision to move back to Czechoslovakia, a country I knew only from the story-books of other people’s memories. I had no idea what I was getting into, and the only relatives I had there were people I had never met, nor even knew much about. In retrospect, it was a move somewhere between foolish and progressive.

Dalibor Maria Suchy - February 20, 2021
Is It A Whip-Chain Currency Or A Block-And-Tackle Currency?

All my friends know that I'm the owner of ONE Bitcoin which I bought for about 20 USD right when the whole thing started, more or less on a lark. I figured "what the hell." Never before have I encountered this many instances of backseat driving than this particular thing. Every single person keeps telling me I should sell it, but looking back, I would have only benefited THEM and THEIR EGO by doing so. How come nobody cared about all them Volkswagen shares I had? Why does everybody care about Bitcoin all of a sudden? Should've cared back in 2009. Its very existence shows that wealth is (and always has been) a largely illusory thing. At one time, wealth was measured by shiny stones, then shrunken heads, then head of grazing cattle, then bars of Gold, belts made of wampum, or coloured pieces of paper. In each case that determinant was more or less arbitrary. The fact that people much higher up on the food chain than myself are putting money in Bitcoin means its utility value is greater than something equally as arbitrary as say the USD.

Dalibor Maria Suchy - January 27, 2021
Will the REAL Enemy Please Unmask Himself?

Hindsight is always 20/20 and 2020 gave us quite a bit of it. We saw an unprecedented overreaction to a normal seasonal flu. Like the brand-name diseases of the past that the media has tried to scare us with, this one had a name. Actually, it went by several names. Covid-19, coronavirus, SARS-COV-19, Covfefe, SARS2-COV, and many more. It had as many synonyms as most languages have for the sex act, probably because it was designed to fuck us all over using the metaphorical dick-up-the-ass move known as “quarantines.” Brand-name diseases of the past like West Nile Virus, SARS, Bird Flu, Swine Flu, Avian Flu, Zika, Ebola, Mad Cow Disease, and Mad Deer Disease failed to scare enough of us into submission as this “Mad Politician Disease” that swept the 2020 fashion scene off its feet, with everybody now using the newest mandatory fashion accessory known as the mask. Little did one suspect how un-fashionable most people look while wearing that sawdust mask that normally comes with a new chainsaw.

Dalibor Maria Suchy - May 24, 2020
There was a time, not long ago...

There was a time, not long ago. It seemed like only yesterday, and I was looking for some sort of employment. A friend of mine stopped by with a printout of an advertisement for a position that seemed perfect for me. The remuneration seemed good and the qualifications were vague, being along the lines of "candidate should be well-known for outstanding achievements in the field of excellence." I noticed that the bottom edge of the paper had the telltale marks of having been chewed by a rabbit, and assumed that my friend had gotten one too.

He said that he had actually called the number up and posed as me, and that the person informed him that I was hired, with no questions asked of any kind, and that he (I) should stop by at my earliest convenience. He thought this was strange, but that I should maybe go there and check the place out. I certainly thought it was strange as well, but my curiosity was piqued. I decided to go.

Dalibor Maria Suchy - April 8, 2020
Here's my take on foot massage: it works

You don't need any special implements or oils to do it. Just massage each of your feet proceeding from the toes to the heel, always moving (pressing) toward the foot's outer edge. On your LEFT foot that would be the same pattern as the way you read text on a page. On the RIGHT it would be the reverse (or like reading Hebrew text). Pay attention to 2 types of sensations you'll get as you do the massage: the really bad sensations and the really good ones. BOTH are always a problem. If you experience pain, you have to keep massaging it until it's not as intense. The pleasureable areas are also problematic and these too should be massaged, but not to excess.

Dalibor Maria Suchy - March 25, 2020
Making Colloidal Silver: The Simplest Method

The staring point for making your own colloidal Silver is pure Silver and pure water. Electricity is passed through two electrodes made of Silver immersed in pure water where some of the metallic Silver will get directly into the water as a pure metal (and not as a Silver compound). Pure Silver is essential, and I would suggest using only 0.999 assayed Silver bars you buy from a reputable dealer. That means investment-grade Silver bars. Do not use coins, medallions or spoons because the purity of the metal may not be guaranteed. Since Silver is usually a by-product of both the zinc and lead manufacturing industry, and can therefore contain even more dangerous impurities like cadmium and arsenic, you should never use technical-grade Silver or anything other than 0.999 assayed metal. You also only need a very small amount of it. If you take a 1 ounce (31.1 gram) bar and cut that lengthwise in half with a hacksaw, that amount is more than enough for a lifetime supply for a whole village

Dalibor Maria Suchy - March 11, 2020
Using LST to Increase Your Psychedelic Powers

If you’ve done your research and you’re even remotely interested in esoteric matters you should already know that psychic powers are a demonstrable and documented scientific fact, notwithstanding what the media would have us believe, and the same goes for most paranormal phenomena like UFOs, aliens, ghosts, life after death, etc. That doesn’t mean that every claim of something paranormal is factual, or should be believed. Whenever possible, you should do your own research and your own experiments to see for yourself. What most people have never heard about is the relation of PSI abilities to one’s position on the Earth and its relationship to the cosmos. In a 1997 article titled “Apparent Association Between Effect Size In Free Response Anomalous Cognition Experiments And Local Sidereal Time” available here: http://www.jsasoc.com/docs/JSE-LST.pdf it was discovered that the effect sizes for PSI phenomena dramatically increased when the experiments were performed within an hour of 13:30 LST.

So I Found the Coffin of a Bona-Fide Catholic Saint... 

....and still haven't experienced any of the customary table-lifting, mysterious rappings, or remnants of ectoplasm anywhere in my house, BUT something anomalous did turn up in a photo I took recently, and this prompted me to do some more research that left me pretty stunned.

I try to take a Christmas photo to send to all my friends and relatives abroad and overseas. It's an instant microtradition I started in 2017. Here it is:

The coffin I'm referring to belonged to St. Conrad of Parzham, which had been made into 2 small chests of drawers before he had been canonised a saint in 1934. I had referred to these 2 chests in a previous posting:

"While in general, modern furniture has no character or "soul," I try to cohabit only with furniture that has meaning to me, or that had meaning for someone else. What piece of furniture could be more personal than a coffin? Well, guess what, I HAVE one. Sounds morbid, I know. But let me explain.

The year was 2014 and I was looking for used furniture by cruising the local Sperrmull, which is a bulk garbage day here in Germany. I was looking for a specific type, something having a multitude of narrow drawers, like for papers and such. I found 2 nightstands that each had 4 drawers with brass handles. The wood looked vaguely like marble and the pieces seemed well-made and robust. The architectural analogue would be something between Baroque and Romanesque. Next day I had a better look at them at my house and deemed them worthy of being MINE. Cleaned them off, and inside I found a placard. It stated that the pieces had been made in 1923 from the coffin of a monk named Brother Konrad who died on 21 April 1894 in Altotting, Germany.

Back in 1923 wood was in high demand for only one purpose: to make more banknotes because Weimar Germany was in a hyperinflationary meltdown. It actually WAS common practice to disinterr coffins and re-bury the dead in cardboard boxes. Not only was wood needed to make paper, but the winter of 1922-1923 was an especially cruel one, and wood was also needed for home heating purposes. Mentally I tried connecting with this Brother Konrad, and I didn't get anything. Later, I was preparing a meal and could feel his smile on my soul and [almost] heard him say "so, you found it. It's yours." All I can say is THANKS Brother Konrad. They're nice pieces, and the fact that they used them for your coffin means you were LOVED."

Here's a picture of one of those pieces:

So anyway, I took the Christmas selfies but made sure to take many, so I could select the best one. The one that the orb appears in is actually the worst of the series and I almost deleted it before noticing what appears to be the face of a Capuchin friar inside the orb. Furthermore, I'm actually pointing straight at it with my cigarette.

Here it is in better detail:

And here it is after I played around with some of the settings like colour, contrast, etc. I'm an amateur and had no idea what I did. I just tried to make the image stand out a little better:

it's not something I would have expected, since fervent Catholics aren't supposed to believe in ghosts yet here he is, as a ghost. Here's his Wikipedia page:


It's interesting to note that he was born on 22.12.1818 which would mean that that photo was taken shortly after what would have been his 201st birthday. 201 was my area code for a long time when I lived in the USA, and that's the only connection I make with that number.

If you look at the orb closely, at first it looks like a human skull but after you re-focus your eyes it looks remarkably like an older man with a bald head and a beard wearing the hooded Capuchin robe. Like Brother Conrad:

I did the research on him only after I noticed that the face in the orb looked like a man in a robe, and remembered the 2 chests. Coincidentally, one of those chests is where I keep my wallet and keys. So what happens to the chests NOW? Well, nothing really. I'll just have to wait and see what happens next.

I also tried to think back to which city I had found them in, and can't remember. I just know it was in 2014. And to think that this is just one of the many unusual things I've found through the gentle practice of garbage picking.

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Dalibor Maria Suchy
ORMUS - How To Extract Your Own

The following is gleaned from various sources and simplified, so that anyone can do it. I describe what's called the "wet method." Keep in mind that you are not MAKING any ORMUS, since matter (like consciousness) can neither be created nor destroyed. You are merely extracting ORMUS, where ORMUS is a synonym for ORMEs, for Monoatomic Gold, and for the white powder of Gold the Egyptian pharaohs used. The powder you will be extracting contains not just Gold, but other Platinum Group Metals (PGMs) like Iridium, and Rhodium. These are beneficial as well. In addition to the "wet method," ORMUS can also be made from metallic Gold, and can also be converted INTO metallic Gold via a patented process created by David Hudson who discovered the monoatomic element state. The patent is available for download here: https://patents.google.com/patent/GB2219995A/

Dalibor Maria Suchy - October 26, 2021
Freedom In The Era of Covid 19

I'll say it openly: I am not vaccinated, and I have no intention of ever being vaccinated, and would go so far as to say that nothing will get me to change my mind on this, not even the death penalty, because I know that getting the vaccine is actually worse than any death by execution. At the same time I have no intention of being a martyr for ANY cause, mine or anyone else's. In that sense, my Czech cowardice has always shown itself to be an evolutionary survival advantage. When totalitarian communism took over my country, I fled Czechoslovakia. When totalitarian police state capitalism took over my adopted country, I fled the United States. Having switched countries eight times already, I can say that it's always resulted in a better life.

Esoteric Egypt Series
Granny's 98th birthday party
She was born 2.3.23.

And yes, humans come in all different colours. My parents are blue from the excess colloidial SIlver they used to take.  Check out my article from 

March 25, 2020
Making Colloidal Silver: The Simplest Method
Sun Rabbit - Exploring Egypt
Alchemy of Metals making Colloidalls and ORMUS