The 72 Angels Of Magick
The Powers of Vehuiah

To Carry Out a Difficult Task

Useful when you are trying to complete a task, but have faced many difficulties. Also useful when you are worried that a task will be difficult, because you feel the task stretches your abilities. Ideal for tasks that are wearing you out, and that feel impossible to complete.   To Strengthen Your Will If you feel your willpower fading in general, you can use this angel to strengthen your will. Also ideal for strengthening your will to complete a task, or to help you stick to a promise or resolution. If you’re trying to give up a habit or develop a new, positive habit, this angel will help. To Obtain Esteem Many angels can help with esteem, but this angel is best used when you want to increase yourself-esteem and have that improvement be perceived by others. This makes you appear more confident and in control. This is also an excellent angel for improving your own sense of charisma, enabling you to seem charismatic to others.
Invocation (Psalm 3:3)

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The Powers of Yeliel

To Create Passionate Sex

When you want to increase the passion between yourself and your current partner, this angel can help. You can perform the ritual with or without the knowledge of your partner and the passion will increase. This can be used when your sex life has become dull or infrequent, or if you want to expand your sex life into more adventurous areas.
To Bring Calm Between Arguing Lovers This angel can be used on your own relationship, when you find yourselves arguing all the time. If arguments seem to be weighing down an otherwise healthy relationship, or the arguments are becoming more aggressive than healthy arguments should be, this is the ideal angel. You can also use this angel to calm other couples you know, if they are arguing. This is especially useful if you have loud, arguing neighbors.

To Attract Love

You can use this angel to improve your chances of attracting love. If you have a particular
person in mind, this is not the right angel, but if you want to improve the amount of love in your life, this is the way. You can use the angel to attract friends or lovers.

To Ensure Fidelity
If you sense that your partner may be seeking love elsewhere, this angel can reduce temptation. A side-effect of this can be that your partner feels a strong urge to tell you about the feelings of infidelity. This can potentially harm, end or heal a relationship, so proceed carefully. You can also use this angel on others. If you sense that your parents, for example, may be indulging in relationships outside of their partnership, you could use this angel to
discourage the infidelity, to restore their love and focus on each other.

Pronounced: YEH-LEE-ELL
Invocation (Psalm 22:19)



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The Powers of Sitael

To Protect Against Adversity

If you have been experiencing a time of extended misfortune that’s made you wonder whether you’re cursed, this angel can reverse the misfortune. If you are in real danger from somebody you know - either physical or emotional danger - this is also a good angel to employ. When times are hard, and you are struggling to get any of your projects to work, this angel can help to improve your luck.  To Discover Truth There are times when you want to discover whether somebody is telling you the truth. If you suspect that somebody is lying to you, within a relationship, at work or in any other situation, use this angel to find out. The answer may come in the form of a confession, strong intuition or a dream.

To Stop Hypocrisy

People often say one thing and then do another. Most of the time, this is a minor annoyance, but if somebody’s hypocrisy damages your life in some way, use this angel. If you have a friend that tells you not to gossip, but spreads gossip about you, this angel would be ideal. If you know somebody who complains about bad debtors, but never pays up, this is the angel you need. Within a relationship you can use this angel to calm an annoying trait in your partner.
To Find Employment
This angel is used by those looking for work, and good results are reported by those looking for a new job, a promotion or a complete change of career. Be clear about what sort of work you are looking for and you will see progress.
Invocation (Psalm 91:2)

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The Powers of Elemiah

The Power to Stop Mental Torment

When you find that you are unable to relax or recover from a problem that leaves you anxious and preoccupied, this angel can bring relief. It can also ease pain after the loss of a loved one, and make it easier to get through a bad breakup, or the loss of a job.
The Power to Discover New Methods
When we do things the same way, year after year, it is only to be expected that we will get the same results. This angel can give you the power to discover new ways of doing things. This is best used when you already have a method for something in place, but want to find a better way. A lawyer, for example, may use this angel to find a new way to prepare for a case.  A student might look for better ways to learn. If you work in business or sales, you might look
for new methods of getting a good response from customers.

The Power to Travel Safely
Many angels protect you when travelling, but this angel is best used when you are the leader of a group or family. It will ensure that whatever problems occur during your journey, you
will be able to guide those you lead, with all being protected until the journey is over.  Complete the working on the last Sunday before your journey commences.
Invocation (Psalm 34:15)