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The Crystal Collection


Karen Kaspardlov: Prospector, Hard Rock Miner & Explorer

Spanky...Buckwheat & Darla
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All crystals have been ethically hand mined by myself.  For the meta-physical believers and users, most crystals have been sitting outside cleaning and charging for various periods.  No chemicals or acids have been used, they are in their natural state of awesomeness.  I have amazing naturally occurring Ametrine crystals,  Star Amethyst, left and right-handed crystals, double-terminated crystals, clusters, twined, artichoke, what I call rocket ships, etc..  I have every color of capped quartz crystals from Hydrothermal pockets.  Garnet, various calcite,  hematite, fossils, and much more. I will continue to post more and more of my collection as I sort and take pictures.  I just have too much to post everything and I have to admit I am new at taking pictures if you want something, in particular, I will send pictures of the specimens.  

Fossil Dig - Lake Simcoe Formation

My Yard

Assorted Flats

Sorting Table

Joe King Giants

Joe King Colour

Joe King Rosebuds


Auralite, Amethyst & Ametrine

Cummings Mine

Flattened Catastrophic Quartz




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