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Andromeda 7 is focused on connecting with others and helping them to evolve by providing an organic approach to inner enrichment and empowerment. We are the gateway to this world-wide Community Portal website for information sharing and exchange. Together we are the frequency desired to lift the veil and form a new world reality.

At The Crystal Network, wellbeing is at the forefront of what we’re working together towards. Our programs and activities are designed to be a catalyst that helps community members reach their goals and fulfill their potential. Learn more about the impact we have and join us in bringing about positive change.

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Our Community  is focused on connecting and sharing lives. The work we do at our Network is aimed at providing a holistic approach to solving some of our society’s biggest challenges. We ensure that our partners are empowered by creating opportunities for individuals and our communities.

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Cajun Queen's - Kitchen Appeal 

Food Pantry


Cajun Queens kitchen does whatever it takes to deliver food to children and families most in need by distributing food to members of the community during these difficult times.

Let us come together during these challenging and transformative times, help  support all those that need our assistance especially those who require FOOD to nourish the body and soul.   Donate to Cajun Queens Food Pantry - Providing for those in her local community 

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Scotty Roberts
Creative/Art Director, Illustrator, Designer, Rogue Historian, Rapscallion Theologian, Adventurer, Paranormalist, Photographer, Author and Writer


Books by Scott Alan  Roberts

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Every hand-made Penman hat I deliver uses only the finest quality materials.  Many detailed hours of craftsmanship go into the making of each and every hat, using only 100% pure beaver or pure rabbit felts.  Every hat has a vegetable-tanned sheepskin leather sweatband, a satin liner, and a grosgrain hat ribbon, each piece carefully sewn in by hand. Although not specifically designed to be worn in the rain, Penman hats will stand up beautifully when caught in the elements and continue to give you the sleek look you desire.  With every order I receive, I strive to produce hats that are both comfortable and elegant.  Every Penman hat is 100% custom-made to provide a perfect fit for every individual.

Andromeda 7 Portal

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Al Ciriello

Creator & Executive Producer 

I created Andromeda 7 Portal out on the road back in September of 2020. An idea designed for Calling upon different soul tribe members to join in. Creating the nexus of my life experiences to call upon all walks of life to speak out with their own personal views on spiritual awakening. Either live on our show or prerecorded. Your voice will be heard; as well as products & services we all share for the world to enjoy. Andromeda 7 was created for you.

My motto is simple: "Its all about being humble. To want to love others. To help them out. Its all about giving. That's what we're here for. Andromeda 7 Portal"

Simplest Way To Make Colodial Silver


Laurie Cross



Theresa D'Anton 

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Technology  Manager

Andromeda 7 is focused on connecting with others in our spiritual community and helping them to evolve by providing an organic approach to inner enrichment and empowerment. We are their portal for information sharing and exchange. Together we are the frequency desired to lift the veil and form a new world reality.

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Program & Communications Director

The Tech Manager for Andromeda 7 Portal driving the bus for all things technical also keeping up with my own youtube channel PureLoveAscension

I am learning and growing my spiritual self awareness and expanding my now. Also channeling Erik Medhus sharing my knowledge with others. Most importantly I am the frequency I wish to receive.

A successful business owner and entrepreneur.

Intuitive empath healer Tarot card Reader

Being of Value To Others

At Andromeda 7 Portal! Everyone has a voice in there. Perhaps someone's story or experience can be an inspiration to you. Go to our YouTube channel, hit subscribe, and turn the bell reminder on. Our first go live is this Friday night at 6pm PST, 8pm CST, 9pm EST. See you there.

I have a passion for guiding people on their Right Path to success by providing my executive knowledge, efficient processes, and cheerful solutions that really add value to other's programs and services. I experience great joy in helping them to grow by unlocking their own self empowerment through exploring and discovering their unique gifts and talents. Their success is my success!

Reaching out and making good connections with others strengthens communities and unites them in a common effort. I am an empath, remote healer, and intuitive card reader.

Small Business Development and Information Systems Management Consultant With 38 years in Communications, Media, Operations Research, Quality Asurrance and Business Process Engineering.

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Luke "Walker" Baxley
Certified Personal Trainer - Quantum Energy Programmer

SPECTRA is an advanced quantum (NOW) energy that utilizes the manipulation of energy for self healing and transformation. The healing energy is created from the client's blind spots of traumatic(stuck energy), that is cutting off the (meta)physical vitality and the choking off the spiritual immunity of the client's body's natural healing ability. The heat and tingling in the body creates the illusion of a fever in the body, thus forcing the body to rapidly adapt to the situation by reconfiguring the DNA of the cells to resupply spiritual immunities to the targeted area. Clients often experience and observe slight sensationalized emotions of the energy that is blocked as it so released to the surface. Emotional tenderness is expected for up to 48 hours as the trauma wound is healed. It is an open sourced energy transfer from all time, space, dimensions, and reality that is uniquely customized to one's own body's coding and optimization of the energy transfer. A glass of water is programed prior to the session with the client's intentions/desires. When SPECTRA is activated, the new water conducts an electrical impulse field that pin-points the trauma in the body as well as programs the the rest of the water in the cells to reconfigure the DNA molecules for advanced healing in the body.

Author, Esoteric Researcher, Filmmaker, Expedition Tour Leader exploring history's ancient mysteries
Lost Technologies & Symbolism Tour of Egypt

Join Chris Dunn and Anyextee for a vibrant, content rich tour of Egypt that will study evidence of High Technology and associated Symbolism that is essential for advanced civilizations to exist.


Here's your chance to join us on the Lost Technologies & Symbolism Tour of Egypt with Anyextee and Christopher Dunn! Learn more:

Kieron "Poonah" Anderson
Kieron is a Quandamooka, Kullilli, Wakka Wakka descendant and caretaker of the Moreton Bay, South east Queensland extending out to Western Queensland
 Join us Apr 7th "Aboriginal
Story of Creation" 

Aboriginal Australians comprise many distinct peoples who have developed across Australia for over 50,000 years. These peoples have a broadly shared, though complex, genetic history, but it is only in the last 239 years since colonisation that ancient cyclical connections with the land, sea and sky have been disrupted. 

Join Theresa April 7th on Andromeda 7 as she continues her interview 

Featuring special guest Kieron "Poonah" Anderson  - nephew to Julie-Ann Payne

Please Join Kieron for a fascinating insight and story around his knowledge of first nations culture around Australia. Delving into creation stories, tribal systems, and a brief look into the shared links between the first nations people of Australia and America.

ter map.jpg

They are composed of three distinct tribes; the Nunukul, the Goenpul and the Ngugi. 

 Join us Apr 7th 
with guest panelist
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Reuben FastHorse
(the Magick Man)
Reuben FastHorse
(the Magick Man)
comedy magician
Lakhota teacher 
Life model at Standing Rock Sioux Tribe
Lakota Language Consortium

Supporting the revitalization of Lakȟótiyapi by educating the public on the issue and by providing critical support to language teachers and learners.

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standing rock.jpg
Standing Rock Sioux Tribe

The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe was defined by the Act of March 2, 1889 including all right-of-way, waterways, watercourses and streams running through any part of the reservation and to such others lands as may hereafter be added to the reservation under the law of the United States. 

Adventures from Australia
Elder & Tribal leader took custodianship of the heart today.  She knows exactly what it is, and what she has to do. 

The Bunurong people, her people, are a Moon people. Her heart immediately felt better when she got it. She has already done the work with mapping the Song lines. She will bathe with the heart on the full moon and use the crystal to walk the trail of tears. The heart will show her more of the trail, from the Yarra Ranges to the coast. It is a silent walk done by women for all the people. The crystals, ie this one, manifest in times when humanity is crying, that is why it is a walk of tears. 


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