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My channel is dedicated to the Philosopher who explores subjects from multiple Points of View and is not limited to a particular creed, doctrine, religion or political belief system and never ceasing in the pursuit of Knowledge. If you consider yourself a critical thinker than you will find plenty to ponder and hopefully add to your experience, if you not a critical or free thinker and are bound by doctrine and dogma this is not the channel for you.


Never stop learning

because life never stops teaching


R Wayne Steiger Video Series


BOSTO everyone ...

Be Of Service To Others

The "answer" has been given, it will "Unite" all of Humanity come and be part of the "Change". Be the first to learn about how this is going to change the current Reality. The Revelation joins the Movement of BOSTO be part of the Solution

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Ignorance is a self-inflicted disease that is easily cured with

Modern Science is Outdated Magick.

No weapon formed against you can prosper.

Join Wayne & Trina


A Second Look

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Raised By Giants talks all things spirituality with people from all backgrounds to bring you different perspectives of whats going on in the world on an individual and collective level; sharing insight, knowledge and wisdom from their personal experiences. We're in a spiritual war right now on the planet and we can't solve the problems we face today with worldly solutions.

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A Second Look - Special Guest David Castle
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Heading 6
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