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The Crystal Network Community

Helping Free Minds and Hearts...

With our Crystal Network's mission always in mind, we commit to promoting and supporting  a community of free-thinkers.  Our team is working each and every day to make a positive impact around the world.  Contact us to learn more about our commitment to this cause.

Queen of Quartz

I am the "Queen of Quartz".  I have been prospecting and hard rock mining for over 30 years, with the  ability to find quartz crystals, wherever I travel amassing a collection of gems, minerals and fossils weighing in at over 5 tons.  Check out my collection and custom hand carved crystals

R. Wayne Steiger

My channel is dedicated to the Philosopher who explores subjects from multiple Points of View and is not limited to a particular creed, doctrine, religion or political belief system and never ceasing in the pursuit of Knowledge. If you consider yourself a critical thinker than you will find plenty to ponder and hopefully add to your experience.

Summer Sparks

TV International Psychic Medium Tarot Reader
Psychic TV Host
Radio Presenter

Here at Summer Sparks we Deliver Smiles and Hope.

Our Readers are very accurate and friendly. We do General readings and through our guides and intuition we will support the reading with visions.

We Also sell esoteric products such as protective charms, bracelets and earrings, incense and a few more items that will open your roads and will unblock you, to bring back your happiness.

Dalibor Maria Suchy

Sun Rabbit - Alchemist and adventurer, entrepreneur and experiencer. International and intuitive.

Brian Lunsford

Sky Watcher, Intuitive. Tarot Reader and Rods plus new polished crystal collection - check it out on Crystal Science Page..

Julie-Ann Payne

Has been on a spiritual path since 1996 and a successful business women.  She started writing poetry, spells and sigils and self published a book.  She is an alchemist with her words of power and strength.  "Thank you All for your gifts and talents in joy ALL Ways" Julie-Anne... 

Cybele Shana Lerman

Awaken To Healing

I am a Reiki Master Practitioner

Awaken To Healing is an Energy Medicine Practice, assisting clients with energy healing, reiki, intuitive readings, life and empowerment coaching, teaching, and events. Many of our services can be done remotely, no matter where you live in the world.

Tina Lajeunesse

Truth in Me

Hi I am Tina and I love making rugs. I started making them because I

wanted to help my son who has tactile sensitivities. We use one of my

designs at the kitchen sink. I have experience as a rebirth practitioner

and an aesthetician in the past.  Check out Tina's rugs in the Artist Gallery.

Yogi Vishal Nath

I'm a spiritual healer and Tantrik as well I do practice and teach ancient Indian Tantra, Yoga, Medtitation, Mantra and Yantra    I haven't been back at my home for last 5 years as I journey across the country to heal and teach people.

Crystal McArthur

Connect with Your Home, play with the light, the air and embrace your natural beauty..let you kindness and compassion and strength be your adornments

You Are Right On Time Thank You For Choosing To Be Here Now! Everything Is Gonna Be Alright.

Sue Gagliardi

Empathic intuitive advisor utilizing the Frequency Tarot, Pages of Shustah, Numerology and Gematria.  Helping to know yourself through Shamanic Astrology.

Milky Way Messenger

Be the Frequency You Want to Receive...

Take a ride through the cosmos with me expand your mind and heart 

Lyndal Davison

This is my mission statement;


1) Use my creative skills to provide a scene.

2) Set the artists (crystals) to work

3) Project all my positive intentions onto the artists from side stage

4) Watch the audience response in a state of appreciation and good intentions

5) Allow the magic to reveal itself


Life imitating art, imitating life.

All the world is a stage.

Al Ciriello

Crystal Network 'Q' of the Day & More

On The Road with Big Al & David

Debbie Cherek

I am a self-taught artist. I am still learning but then again, I will always be learning.

Halo Marques

Hey, I’m Halo! In 2009, I worked on designing and completing the Mystech technology based on the work of Nikola Tesla about Frequency. After seeing my mother’s improvement with Fibromyalgia, I soon discovered that I was able to help other family and friends with their unique challenges as well. That’s when I knew I had to get this out to as many people as possible and so in 2005 I started the Mystech Movement and have be honored with 10,000’s of success testimonials since then.

Ciara Heneghan

Helping women with trauma own their power and create a new future through my online coaching programs, workshops and one to one coaching.

Inspirational Woman awards nominee 2019
TYOP nominee 2018
Women in Business nominee 2018

Heart centered & Intuitive Inner Power Trauma Coach, Movement Specialist, Trainer, Educator, Inspirational Speaker, Change Maker, Entrepreneur, Mom

On The Wings Of Angels

I am an Arcturian guided Intuitive healer. Here to help others gain clarity of self and the world around them. I create a safe non judgmental space for insights to be discussed and questions answered.

Ayla's Oracle Messages

I'm an oracle assisting with Light language, channeled guidance, oracle and tarot readings, chakra readings and clearing and marriage counselling.

Debby Bell


Trina Alessandro

I am a Spiritual Advisor, let me help guide you to stay in the discovery process of spirituality, balancing human success and expressions through journey work and more.


BSW, LMT and Polarity Practitoner.



Raven Wolf

I am Anna “Raven Wolf” I have a strong connection with my Mayan/Aztec ancestor, I can connect with Animal spirit to deliver specific messages. I do intuitive card reading and Traditional Mayan Astrology life path readings. Looking forward connecting with you!

Cajun Queen

I am a love, We are love... Come join me for a spiritual Tarot Reading and feel the energy flow... step into your personal power with me.

Nick Grauel

Healer, Empath and Intuitive ...

Joining the Crystal Network

Website development 

products & services

Crystal Science & Application

Dr Brains

I am naturopathic doctor, our blends immediately affect chakras and auras. Good vibrations are enjoyed by many who attest to soothing effects, mental alertness, increased energy without a caffeine crash, an opening of the heart, and inspiration to feel, and give, LOVE,  simply by sipping a cup of PSYCHIC TEAZ! 

Kelly Houghtalin

Scared Dreams

I am an Artist and the Dream Catchers that I create are sacred, made with love, patience and are blessed.

Inner Mystic

I am a Cosmic Light worker 
Helping to Raise the Vibration of the Social Network and Spread Consciousness ♡ A place of energy updates, healing tips, spiritual guidance, and no judgement.

Intuitive Oracle Reader • Intuitive Astrologist • Ascension Guide

Perry Agan (David)

I am down to earth, kind, compassionate, gentle soul that loves hard, intuitive, empath and ready to live'  See more of David on the adventures with Big Al and their journey on the road.  

Shree Acharya

True Energy Healing

I give guidance, help, healing, and more; we encourage you and welcome you to your new possibilities - to your new life of harmony!

The era of implementation of Cosmic Healing Technologies - that are essential for our overall spiritual health and living - has come, thus we offer you pure and genuine information and guidelines.

Deb Matz


Creating fills my heart and essence.  On my website you will find recipes, how-to's, various craft projects, vegetable gardening and much more.  I hope to inspire you to try something new or just to keep creating.


Brandi Robinson

Find something beautiful in everyone you meet.  I love creating Art pieces from functional pieces as well as doing sculptor.  Check out some of Brandi's work in the Artist Gallery.

Nina The Mystic

Spiritual guidance and divination, a safe place to share and fellowship with like minded people.  There is more to life , than the eye can see, lets learn share and explore together!  Let me guide you into the world of the Angels and Spirit...

Nina is an Intuitive Tarot Card Reader as well as a Certified Angel card reader TM

David Berry

I'm on journey, I'm not sure of the destination yet. But it's a hell of ride I wish to spread Love Light and Eternal Favor to All Souls 

Peter Erdmann

Mountain Hawk.
Having a close relationship with Nature and all beings surrounding me, I live partially isolated without stress of the land like many of my ancestors before. Educated in and practicing self healing with all kinds of vegetation and natural elements my life is peaceful and rewarding.


Mary Wins

Am DiVinE. I AM SoVerEiGn. I aM FrEe. I HaVe the SpArK of DiViNiTy in Me. SeeKing to Be the BEST me

Kent Nichols

An active member in the community, sharing experiences, wisdom and knowledge.  An intuitive empath and healer.  Join Kent as guest on The Trinity of Truth with insightful life skills and advise.

Mo Ruig

Artist and art classes
I've just received my Color of Woman Intentional Creativity Teacher Certification !

What a wonderous 10 month journey this has been !
Full of brushes, color, painting intuitively, meeting my archetypes, working on an emotional and quantum level, shifting perspectives and patterns, meeting so many inspiring women !
With enourmous gratitude and love & joy to my Maestra Shiloh Sophia and all the space she holds for this global feminine movement of art, peace & healing, of more than 300 teachers worldwide ! Thank you for all the support of my teachers and my dear dear fellow students !


Amun Mar The Oracle

I am a Cosmic Light worker 

Spiritual Guidance/Healer

Anything that directs our attention to the remembering of who we are serves the process of reconnecting us to the Life that brought us forth for its own purposes. Just as DNA research and microbiology are seeking the ultimate physical particle of Life, we must also seek our mental-spiritual core connection with our source. 

Angel Carver

I am an Artist..Soul Rising Intuitive Art

Check out some of my work in the Community Artist Gallery.

Kerry K

Samadhi Speaks

Kerry K, the voice of Samadhi Speaks, is the host of Voices of the Heart, a live broadcast showcasing pioneers in the field of consciousness and ascension.

She is a living guide that serves to activate within humanity the seed of consciousness that helps them remember who they truly are. Kerry carries within her a divine spark that she uses to ignite in each seeker their own divine spark of remembering that returns them to the seat of their power, and allows them to reconnect with the truth of who they have always been.

Per Skovgaard

Shaman and International Multimedia Artist

Check out his work in the Artist Gallery and on the Home page.

Greg Allison

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