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Caz Hawke

For You
With Love 💖

Musical Vibes keep you in the 💖 Frequency of Love 💖 To everyone who comes here.. May I invoke Favor of Joy, Happiness, & positivity to be with you always..

For you Grandpa Brian 420 💖 Thank you for all you do 💖 Much Love & Favor to You 💖 💖

For Marsha Price, 💖 Thank you for all you do, "Crystal Groove" is my gift to you.. 😃 💕 🌻 Much Love & Favor your way

Featured Community Video

Bearing the Light One Day at a Time Series 


David Berry

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Featured Community Video


Michelle Canham - Free

Loving You Is Easy

Michelle Canham.jpg

Never forget how far you have come or everything you have struggled through with fear, anxiety bouts of depression, or addictions. Remember all the times you have pushed on, even when you felt you couldn't.  All those mornings you got out of bed no matter how hard it was and you carried on somehow. All the times you wanted to give up but you got through yet another day. You are powerful and strong. You are capable of limitless love.  Learn to be grateful and love the darkest moments for teaching you how to be the person who you are now. That strong, loving, and talented person shining your light now for others to see.

Rupert Spira said "The discovery that peace, happiness, and love are ever present within our own being, and completely available at every moment of experience under all conditions, is the most important discovery anyone can make."
I thank you and I'm hugging you right now. I'm so very proud of you and I love you.

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