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Queen of Quartz

Crystal Magic & Knowledge


Trina Alessandro

BSW, LMT and Polarity Practitioner

Cajun Queen - Lois

Spiritual Tarot Reading


Cybele Shana Lerman

Awaken To Healing


Ciara Heneghan

Trauma Coach, Movement Specialist

Amun Mar.jpg

Amun Mar The Oracle

Spiritual Guidance/Healer

Michelle Lee.jpg

Michelle Lee

Breath N Balance

Michelle Thompson.jpg

Michelle Thompson



Summer Sparks

Psychic Medium Tarot Reader

nina the mystic.jpg

Nina The Mystic

Intuitive Tarot Card Reader

Inner Mystic.jpg

Inner Mystic

Oracle Reader • Intuitive Astrologist • Ascension Guide

shree Acharya.jpg

Shree Acharya

True Energy Healing

Raven Wolf.jpg

Raven Wolf

Traditional Mayan Astrology


Sue G.jpg

Sue Gagliardi

Numerology and Gematria Shamanic Astrology



Oracle Messages


Yogi Vishal Nath

Healer & Teacher

Brian Lunsford.png

Brian Lunsford

Crystal Magic & Knowledge

Tarot Reader

Luke Walker.jpg

Luke "Walker" Baxley 

Personal Trainer - Quantum Energy Programmer

Michelle Motherella.jpg

Michelle Piper


Naturorthopathic Doctor

Jenifer Roberts.jpg

Jennifer Roberts

True Devine - Tarot Reader

Marc Bright Body Art2.jpg

Marc Bright

Conscious Cartooning  Joyology Now

Anne Tucker.jpg

Anne Tucker

Author, Business Coach Healer & Channel

Grandpa Brian.jpg

Brian Richards

Spiritual Protection Methodology -Reiki 

Sarah Soderund2.jpg

Sarah Soderund MA/CH

Call me crazy, but we’re all a little weird.

“Paranormal Sarah”, a nick-name given to her by a dear friend nearly three decades ago, is a ‘wild hair’ within the parapsychological and fringe realms. Sarah’s eclectic formal education and training, paired with her humor and improvisational delivery, makes her a favorite mentor and speaker within those researching psychology, criminal justice, paranormal cases and parapsychological phenomenon. She has been featured on A&E’s ‘American Hauntings’, has investigated more than twelve countries around the world and sat face to face with some of the world’s scariest minds (alive and dead).

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