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A Second Look

With Wayne Steiger & Trina Phoenix

Who Has Your Back
We Enter Into This World Perfect
Where Does The Soul Reside
The Voices We Do Not Hear
Stop Being Your Accuser
Practicing Self Forgiveness
Knowing Is Beyond Believing
Repeating Numbers Increasing Synchronicity
The Last Time You Experienced Joy
The Illusion Of The Perception Of Reality
Negative Positive Which Is Easier
Natural Vs Supernatural
Is It Impossible
Where Is Home
Soul Contracts
The Goal Of The Soul
A Second Look
Our Rebirth Back
The Illusion Of Free Will
A Shift
What We Cannot See
Portals & Gateways
If We Could See - Guest David Berry
No Fear
Expanding Your Limits Of Imagination
Fear Vs Light Gaining Protection
Lucid Dreaming - Being
All Life Does Not Have A Soul All Souls Have Life
Earth Needs Healers R U 1
Magick of Words All Words are Magick
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