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Gary's Gardens

Crystal Network Member
Gary Cavanagh
permaculture grower

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Fairy garden this is outside our bedroom door good place to meditate

This is for chamomile dandros team we harvest it this morning

Absolutely using the space that you have  - if you have areas that are up high that gets a lot of sun send your plant up there the ones that climb

 So I converted my whole property over to permaculture, the ground was so contaminated when we built our house we could not even grow grass or have worms in the soil. So I did research on how to recover my soil, the best option was long term permaculture. It is the best way of healing the Earth believe it or not this is the way back to basics. For millions of years nature has done this all and we're doing this by copying, it is so simple by using mulch and bark. Laying down the foundations is important for the microorganisms building up through the soil to attract worms and   bugs. Mycelium is one of the most important things to have underneath your ground that's where the mulch and bark come in. This is my second year in. I planted many trees and have a lot more to plant within my small property, it is not a problem most plants will grow in shade but they do  need the sun supplementing as well. I've studied my property for the past 2 years and I've made lots of mistakes but have more of an understanding of my land. I keep these crystals by me all the time and  I recently gave away my protection stone, but I do have a lot around my property. Most of these Stones crystals are underneath the ground in the soil all over the place and put many in my pond for my fish to look at .

Julie-Ann's Gardens
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I listen 2 NatURe i dance 2 the beat of my drum The Muse I C

Wormwood is a nutrient-dense herb that has proven benefits for people with Crohn's disease and arthritis. It can also remove unwanted parasites from the body, such as pinworm and malaria, and helps with healthy digestion.

Those are Bunya nuts  under the flag and We are boiling  them   - We then  roasted them - The pine cOne  

Making a cake with them as well



Bunya Macadamia  and lemon myrtle cake 


The Alchemy of Baking - Joules

As an artist, the baker uses scientific knowledge of the chemistry of baking to create unique yet familiar dishes. Their experience and personal philosophies play a large role in the way they work. Bakers use flavor, texture, and visual appeal to produce an edible art piece.



Fruit Salad yummy yummy from our garden 2 your tummy ManGo banana passion Fruit dragon Fruit POMEgranate The memBrain full of jewels and Figs in the back ground

Crystal Network Member
Deb Matz
Creating fills our hearts

Deb Matz Garden
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